Mainly thanks to its postcard style backdrop, Bled is a thriving tourist destination. It’s also one of those places you can visit and really see what all the fuss is about – the Lake, island, and surroundings look like they could have been designed for a movie. Day trippers will enjoy it but so will outdoor adventurers looking to spend a few days in the wilds ; the area has some of the best hiking in Slovenia. If you have got a few days in the town, make sure to do more than just the ‘castle thing’, and have a real Slovenian countryside experience.


A meal at a restaurant is generally going to be a minimum of €5, although it might be cheaper if your wanting something simple like a hot dog or sandwich. A takeout burger or bakery food is generally around 2-3 Euros. Lakeside restaurants will be more. There is a Spa supermarket and also an Aldi in the area around the train station, making it easy to grab supplies if your arriving by train.


Bled has a good selection of hostels but as one of the most expensive countries in the Balkans, expect to pay €15 for a bed. Budget rooms and studios are not so budget! – €35 is likely the cheapest you will get a double room. If your travelling with a tent, a basic but pretty spectacular option is camping right next to the Lake at Camping Bled, prices vary but are normally well under the cost of a double room.


If your using the railway system, there is a train station a few kilometres away called Lesce Bled. The campsite Sobec is in this area. If you want to head straight to the Lake, you would need to catch a bus from outside the train station. For those arriving from Ljubljana, it’s more convenient to catch a direct bus to the Lake from Ljubljana bus station. The cost is around 7 Euros.



• Go swimming – if your visiting in summer, the water is likely to be warm enough to swim in. On the side of the lake behind the island, there are a few little areas where you can swim for free.

• Visit the Vintgar Gorge – only 4km away from Bled is this scenic Gorge.. It costs around 4 Euros to enter but is well worth it. The surroundings are dramatic with cliffs, clear waters, and a waterfall. Use the bus or walk from Bled if you want to make a day of it.

• Catch a boat to Bled Island and Church – It isn’t cheap but makes a nice little jaunt and photo opportunity. The Church is free to visit, it’s just the boat that will cost you. Maybe chip in with others or kayak and row across.

• Admire Lake Bohinj – 45 minutes away by bus, the lake is less developed than Bled, with less visitors. It definitely feels more secluded. Spend a couple of hours walking around the lake, or just laze at the waters edge and swim if your brave enough. There are cafes to get something to eat too.

• Go to Bled Castle – overlooking the Lake, it makes a great place for views across Bled, and there is a museum and wine cellar to visit. The only downside is the cost – 8 Euros entry.






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