Popular with tourists, and definitely a contender for the best city to visit in Romania, Brasov has a wealth of charms. Situated in the centre of the country against an idyllic mountain backdrop, there is plenty to see and it is a good base for travelling further afield. The city is colourful, has an abundance of history and culture, and is easily reached by train….. it’s one of the must-visit places in the country, with castles and nature close by.


Due to the amount of tourists Brasov attracts, eating out in the heart of the city can be overpriced compared to a smaller restaurant a few streets away. A main meal starts from around €5 in an average food joint. There are kiosks selling cheap kebabs and pastries for under €2 and the supermarkets have decent prices too.


There are a good number of hostels in the city ; a dorm bed usually costs between 7 – 10 Euros. For couples or travelling buddies, it’s better value to share a double or twin room in a studio/guest house than a hostel. Prices start from around €20 per room.


Brasov has two bus stations – the main one is next to the train station and the other is on Avram Iancu street. Buses to Bucharest and Sibiu leave from the main station. A bus around Brasov itself costs under half a Euro per journey. Trains depart to other main cities and range from the fast intercity train to the slower but lower priced ‘ Regio’ trains. Check out the travel planner for the cheapest way to get around Romania.



• Discover the Old Town – The highlight of the city is the attractive streets and architecture of the old town. It’s easy to walk around, and the narrow alleys with brightly coloured buildings add a charming vibe, while the Black Church and History Museum make interesting detours.

• Visit the Three Castles – Bran Castle, famous as the former home of Vlad the Impaler and the association with the Dracula story is a good place to take a trip, if only for the photo opps. At roughly 16 miles away, it’s a pretty easy journey. Rasnov and Peles castles are also within reach of the city. All have stunning architecture and views…so make sure you visit at least one of them.

• Ride the Cable Car – Mount Tampa sits behind Brasov and the views from the top give great panoramic scenery. You can walk up to the top or chill out and let the cable car do the work. It costs around 4 Euro for a return trip.

• Go to Poiana Brasov – Enjoy the nature and calmness of this mountain resort, a few km’s out of the city. It makes a good day trip and can be walked to along forest trails, or catch one of the regular buses instead. During winter, skiing is the main activity but in summer there are plenty of hiking and cycling paths to explore. There are also shops for refreshments.

• Spend a day in Zarnesti – the Libearty bear sanctuary is the largest bear rescue centre in Europe and makes a unique experience. You can buy entrance tickets from the sanctuary office in Brasov, then make the cheap train journey to Zarnesti. For the more adventurous explorers, the town is also a good base to explore the wild Piatra Craiului National Park, with dramatic scenery and a number of rare animals.

• Enjoy the free walking tour – Each day a free tour leaves from the Council Square at 18.00. Learn the history and stories of Brasov from the people who know it best. The walk takes in the city walls and fortifications, as well as churches and the most famous streets. A good opportunity to meet other travellers too.






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