Kosovo Basics

• Currency – Euro

• 90 days Visa free for all nationalities

• Buses main transport

The landlocked Republic of Kosovo is small in size yet large in stature. Over the last 1000 years, Bulgarian, Serbian and Ottoman rulers have given Kosovo a wealth of history that is disputed to this day. Luckily, the vast majority of the territory is now regarded as safe – making it a facinating destination for independent travellers. Monasteries and Mosques dot the landscape, whilst the forested mountains, rich in wildlife, make good adventure opportunities.


Like the surrounding countries, burek slices and fried meats are popular cheap ways to eat in Kosovo. Burek is less than €1 and Cevapi kebab is normally about 1.5 – 2 Euros. Both make a filling, quick meal. Eating in a restaurant is excellent value too… a main meal, salad and a drink can be bought for €5 in many places.


Kosovo is not blessed with an abundance of hostels, but the ones that are trading generally have good ratings. The average price for a bed in a dorm is €10. Private twins start from around €14 per person. As tourism returns to the area, the amount of guesthouses and hotels is growing. A double in a basic hotel will cost from €40 per room, although it is possible to get bargains at various times of the year.


There is a decent bus service to all surrounding countries from Pristina . Due to its small geographical size, a bus trip within the Republic generally only costs a few Euros. It’s possible to travel by train to Macedonia, but the journey is slower than going by coach.




A mix of traditional, run down, and new swanky buildings greet travellers on their arrival to the capital. Still raw to tourism, head to the old ottoman part of town, with shops, colourful markets and cafes selling some of the best coffee you will find.


Sitting at the foot of a mountain, Prizren is prettier than Pristina and has some good things to see. It’s full of history with Ottoman and Christian culture ; mosques and barbed wire churches await you! There’s a castle, and a fortress overlooking the town, making it a good town to visit for history buffs.



Peja – Peja is situated near the Rugova mountains… the biggest and best mountain range in Kosovo. It is home to two of the most important Serbian monasteries. They make an intriguing visit and remind you of the tensions that still exist in some parts. For outdoor people, the nearby Rugova Gorge has waterfalls, forests, and hiking trails.


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