Serbia’s second city is quieter and more chilled out than the capital, with the old town area being the highlight. Elegant, well maintained buildings surround the focal point of Liberty Square. The newer part of Novi Sad lacks the same charm but has many bars and shops to pass the time in. If your travelling from Budapest to Belgrade, Novi Sad is on both the train and bus lines. Make sure you stop off here and explore an authentic Serbian city.


For a sit in meal in a restaurant, your looking at €5 upwards for food and a drink .Gyros kebabs, bought on the street are cheaper at between 1 – 2 Euros.


There are a handful of hostels in the city and plenty of hotels and apartments too. Unless your attending the Exit festival, avoid staying in the city at the same time as prices are likely to be higher…and if you are attending – book early!


The bus and train station are next to each other and plenty of taxis line up outside. A single journey on the city bus costs around half a Euro. Just make sure you understand where the bus is going before jumping on! See Cyrillic Language problems. Once you get to the Old Town, it’s all easily walkable and compact.



• Walk around the Old Town –  it has some beautiful, old buildings that tower over Liberty Square, and the surrounding streets are a nice place to wander. The pretty Dunavski Park is nearby, a popular green area to relax, and watch ducks and the world go by.

• See inside Petrovaradin Fortress – probably the most famous tourist spot in the city. A short walk from the centre, on the banks of the Danube, it’s an impressive sight with a museum that tells the history of Novi Sad. In July, the EXIT festival is held within the walls.

• Catch a bus to Sremski Karlovci – The prettiest town in the region, it is only a few miles away and has scenic buildings and a laid back ambience. Visit the Zivanovic Winery for wine and honey tasting.

• Relax by the river – Novi Sad has some great beaches next to the Danube river. The Strand is the main beach ; there is a small entrance fee but it’s clean and has cafes. Other, smaller beaches are free but lack facilities.

• Explore Fruska Gora – 6 miles away by bus, the National Park has forests, lovely views and good hiking trails. Sremski Karlovci is a common starting point, so maybe go hiking then wine taste when you return!





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