Sitting near to the Albanian border and the most popular Macedonian tourist town, Ohrid is also one of the oldest places in the region and a World Heritage site. The lake itself and the surrounding mountains make a stunning setting for a short break. During the summer it gets busy and prices are higher than in other areas, but still decent value. If your visiting Macedonia and like beauty on a budget, Ohrid is a must do.


Restaurants, cafes and fast food shops are everywhere in the town centre so eating well is not a problem. Some restaurants charge excessively so make sure you know the prices before you enter. Smaller cafes are better value – It’s possible to get a sit in meal for around €5 if you look around.


As Ohrid is the main place for tourism, there’s a decent amount of hostels at cheap prices. Villa’s and apartments are plentiful and super value  – The competition means you can snare a double room from €15.


Ohrid has a bus station located on the edge of the town, with buses to Bitola and Skopje. It’s about a 20 minute walk to the town centre, following the main road. To get to Tirana in Albania, catch a taxi to Struga town a few miles away, where there is a daily bus. Ohrid has no train station.




• Check out the Ancient Greek Amphitheatre – Only rediscovered in the last 30 years after being buried for centuries. It is now used as part of the Ohrid festival.

• Go to the Fortress – Samuil’s Fortress towers above the town and is one of the best visited attractions. There’s not a great deal to do once you reach the fortress but it is good for a few camera shots and views of the lake below.

• Visit Sveti Naum Monastery – About 20 miles away from Ohrid town, in a very picturesque area, the church has some nice frescos but the location makes it special. Nearby, there are natural springs and a lakeside sandy beach to relax on.

• Wander around the town – Ohrid is built into a hillside, with little cobbled streets climbing upwards. Some of the oldest churches are on these streets. Good for exploring further and photos. 

• Learn about the history of the region –  visit Sveti Kliment church, dedicated to the patron saint of Macedonia and an important religious figure for the region as a whole. He was a pioneer of the Cyrillic alphabet and it was here that the Bible was translated into Cyrillic for the first time.





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