A historic city not far from the Croatian border, Pecs is an attractive place with culture in abundance, and loaded with religious buildings that have co-harmonised for years. It has Mosques, Churches and a Synagogue, all short walks from each other. There are also plenty of museums to look around, while the pretty, old buildings lining the streets make wandering around a pleasure too. Pecs is a student city, which ensures that life here never gets too mundane. For those fearing a history overload ; there are cafes and bars in which to relax and drink late into the night.


Like the rest of the country, food is plentiful and cheap. There’s an ample amount of supermarkets near the centre, including Aldi. Eating out wont cost a fortune either. A good restaurant is ‘Flekken’. Soups cost less than 2 Euros, while a goulash can be bought for 2.5 Euros. It’s a short walk from the Jakovali Mosque, and is situated on ‘Hungaria Utca’.


There are only a small number of hostels in Pecs – but ratings and prices are pretty good ; a bed is usually €10 or less. Private apartments can be almost as good value. For two people travelling together, a few places offer a room for around €25.


Transport around the city is unnecessary, as it’s quite compact and easily walked. There are train and bus connections multiple times each day to Budapest. The bus station and trains station are not situated together – with about a ten minute walk between the two.



• Explore the Basilica of St Peter and Paul –  The cathedral is one of the grandest and most elegant buildings in the city, it is well preserved, maintained, and makes a good visit. In front of the Basilica is a large square with benches to relax on or eat some lunch.

• Visit the Mosques – Gazi Kassim Mosque stands in the main St Stephens Square. It is now used as a church but has an interesting history and makes a nice photo opp as your wandering around. Jakovalli Hassan Mosque is about ten minutes walk away and is still a place of worship for muslims. Look out for its minaret – one of the few in Hungary – looming over the town skyline.

• View the Christian Tombs – not far from the cathedral, 1600 year old burial chambers have been excavated. With coloured murals that are still visible ; It’s a fascinating look back at history and a must do when you visit Pecs.

• Wander about  – as well as the Mosque, many of the best buildings are located around or near the main square. Large areas of the town have been pedestrianised, making walking around an enjoyable and relaxing experience. Old houses and small shops add to the charm. It makes a nice place to sip a coffee, have some pizza, and forget about the world. Kaptalan Street is the home for many of the towns museums.

• Go wine tasting – Close by is the Villany wine region. Hungarian wine is getting a good reputation, so it makes sense to spend some time wine tasting and offering your thoughts! Use the train to get to Villany, then you can enjoy yourself more – its about a 45 min journey. More winery information can be found here.




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