Visiting Pristina is an experience. You may go and be disappointed – there is little tourism infrastructure. Wars and bad planning have left the city dull, with a lack of history to see. It’s raw travel with no frills, and feels and looks like a city rebuilding itself. One of the main reasons to go is to meet the people… some of the friendliest and enthusiastic you will meet. Watching their lives and experiencing the capital as it progresses is intriguing. Pristina and Kosovo in general are not a ready made tourist destination… but definitely a place for those who want to travel deeper.


It’s easy to find a cheap meal with restaurants, cafes and fast food stands all selling good value food. Street snacks can be had for under €1.5. Dining in a restaurant is not going to break the bank either –  a healthy, filling meal and a drink can cost less than €5


A few hostels have sprung up recently, giving budget travellers cheaper options within the city – expect to pay less than €10 per night for a dorm bed. Double or twin rooms in hotels are usually €30 plus, although some basic guesthouses can work out cheaper.


A city bus is cheap – €0.5 for a single trip…. but there is no real need to use it, Pristina is small and easily walkable. The bus station is central and simple to reach, with international buses leaving to all neighbouring countries and Turkey. A train line links Kosovo with Macedonia and Serbia, but the trains are old and slow …… take the bus, it’s quicker.



• Relax in Germia Park – A good place to go to unwind or exercise, away from the bustle of the city. There’s a swimming pool, forests and a few cafes to get something to eat and enjoy the views.

• Go to the Fatih Mosque –  Originally from the Ottoman era. It’s been renovated and is one of the few pieces of history left in Pristina. A pretty building that is still in use and makes for a good photo opportunity.

• Visit the Ethnographic Museum – Learn about the customs and traditions of the Kosovo Albanians. Entrance is free and the museum shows clothing, trinkets and how the people lived in years gone by. 

• Explore the Old Market –  located near to the Mosque, the market is a good place to get cheap food supplies, with colourful local fruit, veg, and spices on sale.

• Get Mountain biking at Novo Brdo – One hour away by bus, there are hills and forest paths that are good for mountain biking or hiking. Nearby are the centuries old ruins of Novo Brdo Fortress. It’s a good area for a daytrip.

• See Gracanica Monastery  – A World Heritage Site and important church for the Kosovo Serbs. The monastery dates from the 1300’s, with painted frescos on the inside. Nuns still practice here and it is free to visit. Buses depart regularly from Pristina station.






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