Prizren is a traditional city with a strong Turkish influence. More eye catching than Pristina and more history too, the nearby mountains give it a Sarajevo like feel. You can easily stay for a couple of days to enjoy the sites and explore the nearby nature. It makes a good stopover point if your en route to Albania to look around and experience the welcoming nature of the Kosovan people.


Grilled meats and fresh salads are common in the cafes – they are good quality and cheap too. On the street, shops and stalls sell burek for around €1. In summer, it’s hot and water is cheap… but be sure to fill your bottles at the city’s water fountains – and get free mineral water from the surrounding mountains.


Finding a hotel isn’t a problem, although prices are surprisingly high for Kosovo-  a double or twin in most hotels will cost over €30 for the room. Hostels are rare ; there are only a couple, although this is likely to change as more tourists arrive.


Once your in Prizren, there is no need for transport unless your looking to go on day excursions. The best way to see the city is on foot and its small size makes this easy. The bus station is a short walk from the centre and has connections to nearby villages, Peja, and Pristina. Buses also travel to Macedonia, Monetenegro, Albania, and Serbia. Look at the travel planner for cheap international travel in the Balkans.



• Explore Sharr National Park –  Bordering Macedonia and Albania, the park is full of wildlife and dense forests. Prevella is a skiing area in winter but open to hikers in summer. Enjoy the mountains and natural beauty of this area and go see glacial lakes in untouched wilderness.

• Visit Sinan Pasha Mosque – a pretty building that is still in use but possible to visit. There are nice paintings inside the 400 year old mosque. Easy to find as the dome and minaret can be seen around the city.

• Climb up to the Fortress ruins – not much of the building is left but it makes a good walk and vantage point over the city and the mountains beyond. Nice photo opportunity.

• Walk around – and see street sellers, tea houses, and the intricacies of Prizren life. The Serbian quarter, war damaged and deserted is an eerie detour.

• Go to the Marash district –  an old, well preserved part of the city –  the Albanian League Museum is near, which tells the story of the towns history and struggle for independence. There is a nearby park for jogging, walking or relaxing.






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