Serbia Basics

• Currency – Serbian Dinar

• 90 days Visa free for most countries 

• Good bus, train and air links

Serbia is in many ways the captain of the Balkan ship, with some impressive cities. Belgrade and Novi Sad are distinctly different and both non touristic, yet well connected and interesting places to visit. The nations countryside is even less well known and it offers good opportunities to explore monasteries, mountains, and beautiful river gorges. Out of all the countries in the region, Serbia is the place that may surprise you the most – the people are friendly and helpful, and there is a variety of history dotted in all corners. If your looking to travel deeper – do the cities and speak to the locals… then seek out the gems that most travellers to Europe are missing.


It’s possible to pay around €4 for a two course meal and a drink in a few budget restaurants around Belgrade. In classier places, the prices are higher but still reasonable. Street food and sandwiches are cheap, ranging from 1 to 2 Euros. In the large cities, Mcdonalds are present, with lower prices than western European countries.


A bed in a dorm will cost 6 – 13 Euros at most hostels. Twin rooms begin at around €15 per person. Hotels and guesthouses are in all the main cities ; A double room is usually above €30 at the budget hotels.


In Serbia’s cities, you will pay less than €1 for most single journey bus and tram tickets. In Belgrade, a 75 minute bus and tram ticket can also be bought for under €1. Trains link the major cities, prices ranging from 3 to 8 Euros.




A large cultural melting pot, Belgrade has some good sights to see. Typically Balkan in attitude, it’s a noisy, busy city with smoke filled bars and imposing buildings. A good nightlife scene and numerous shops give the place a vibrant edge.

Novi Sad

Serbia’s second city, it is more relaxed than Belgrade and has some fantastic architecture. The Petrovaradin Fortress, home to the Exit music festival is a must see, as is the old town with its shops and cafe life.


The Serbian transport link to many of the countries neighbours, Nis is more than a travel-through Balkan crossroads. People come here to visit the Fortress and the eerie Skull Tower. Slowly becoming a more popular destination for backpackers.



Visit Derdap National Park – located on the border with Romania, the stunning Golubac Fortress is here. The park is popular with hikers – it has awesome views and a rich range of wildlife. The Iron Gates gorge with its artificial lake is one of the main attractions.

Go Rafting – Serbia’s rivers offer a chance to go white water rafting for a great price. Check out for more info


Make your money go further.

Navigating the Balkans on a budget? Use our transport planner to find out how and when to travel



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