Slovenia Basics

• Currency – Euro

• No visas required for most visitors, Schengen Area

• Good bus, train, and air links

Maybe the most picturesque of all the countries in South East Europe – Slovenia’s Alpine mountains and pretty Italian style coast make it a fantastic country to see. It is hard not to love the laidback atmosphere of Ljubljana, the picture postcard Lake Bled, or the narrow cobbled streets of Piran. Each time you visit, you seem to discover a new gem to explore and fall in love with. Often overlooked by travellers to Italy and Croatia – any trip to the Adriatic needs to have Slovenia at the heart of the journey.


Eating in a restaurant in Slovenia is not cheap –  a main meal and a drink are usually €10 plus. Luckily, bakeries and fast food shops are popular, so you do have options. Kebabs, burek, or a sandwich start from around €2. Prices are lower outside of the main cities, and supermarkets have decent prices for self catering.


Expect to pay 10 – 20 Euros in a dorm, with breakfast included at the more expensive places. Twins start from around €18 per person. There are a few budget hotels and apartments where you may be able to get a good deal in Ljubljana. A double room is usually from €20 per person. Outside the capital, it can be a little cheaper.


The best way to see Slovenia’s cities is to walk. All are compact and pretty fool proof. If you would rather take it easy, a single trip will cost under €1.5 on a modern city bus. The country has a good transport system – trains and coaches are clean, reliable, and connected to all surrounding nations. Ljubljana to Bled is a popular bus route, costing €7.




The capital is compact, pretty, with a charm all of its own. Thanks partly to the Alps looming in the distance, Ljubljana has more of a large town feel and never seems too far away from nature. This makes it an excellent place to chill out – the sleepy vibe proving popular with single travellers and couples. Walk the streets and enjoy the eye catching architecture, then relax and have a coffee in the old town.


Nestled in the Slovenian Alps, Lake Bled is a famous sight…. and rightly so – it doesn’t disappoint. You can easily spend a couple of days here to visit the Lake and other nearby attractions. Bled also makes a great opportunity to put on your boots and hike into the hills.



Spend time in Piran It was known as ‘The Daughter of Venice’, and it’s easy to see why. Think tiny streets and old Italian style buildings. The views to Italy and Croatia from St George Cathedral make Piran an excellent stopover point for coast lovers. Although there is no beach, you can enjoy the clear waters from a multitude of swimming piers.

Visit Predjama Castle – The castle built into a cave looks like it should be in a Harry Potter movie. It has a colourful history – one of Slovenia’s most notorious thief’s lived here. Both the castle and the nearby Postojna caves make a good day trip.

Explore Skocjan Caves – This huge UNESCO Heritage Site has an underground canyon, a waterfall, and a river running through for miles. The sheer size is staggering and you can view the caves on a guided tour.


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